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Hello, Welcome to People at Work HR Consultancy Ltd website. Our aim is to provide trusted, expert HR advice and guidance in a proactive way that meets our Client needs and requirements. There are proven strategies and methodologies that can enable you to grow your business and be a best practice employer.  We can help you with this. If you are reviewing how things are done in your workplace and would like to explore how a HR Professional can assist you, give us a call. Kind regards, Anne

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Your mission statement, vision, values and goals.

Have you defined your mission, vision, values and goals? These are very effective management tools to finely hone your business concept and strategy.

Business Plan

Business Plan

Do you have a business plan? Do you need to review your Business Plan? Do you know how to develop a business plan to ensure that is compelling enough for your team to buy into it?

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Recruitment and Selection

How to find the perfect candidate starts with you being clear about what it is that you need the person to do. We will assist you with the whole recruitment process from reviewing/drafting the job description right through to bringing your next superstar into the business.

Corporate Communication Training

Bringing new employees into your business

An effective transition is paramount to ensure your new recruits are settled into the business by being supported every step of the way.

Employment Contract

Terms and Conditions of Employment - Contracts

An employee has a legal right to have a contract from Day 1 of employment. Is it time you reviewed your contracts?

Employee Handbook

Company rules and procedures

Where do you begin? How do you help the employee understand the Company rules and procedures? You begin by defining what they are and how they apply to your workforce. Setting them out in an Employee Handbook helps.

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HR Administration

We can provide HR administration support and use the Breathe HR Information System to maintain your employee records. The benefit to you is accurate employee information at your fingertips - much easier on the eye than the traditional spreadsheet!

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Maximising Company Performance

Managing Company/Team/Individual performance is the most effective way to reach and exceed Company goals. We can work with you to ensure you have a Performance Management strategy in place.

Employment Law

Employment Law Compliance

Ensuring you meet your duties as an employer begins with having a robust people management strategy in place. This is the best way to manage risk to both employees and your business.


Payroll Processing

If you are a fledgling business you may process payroll in-house. We offer a cost effective solution to free up your time.

Reducing Workplace Conflict

Managing Conflict

Conflict in the workplace can such a negative impact on business. It is difficult to deal with though, and we have extensive experience in this area.

Scales And People Equality

Discipline and Grievance

Sometimes it is necessary to formally manage disciplinary or employee grievance complaints. We will support you through to resolution of the matter.

Work Tearoom

Managing Employee Absence

There are many reasons why an employee maybe absent from work - annual leave, parental leave, illness, unpaid leave, jury service etc. We have extensive experience in this area and can assist you manage effectively.

Blue And Minimal Employee Of The Month Award Certificate

Employee Reward and Benefits

There are many ways to reward employees for a job well done. They are not all monetary. We can assist you review your reward and benefits package.

Corporate Communication Training

Learning and Development

Are you investing in employee development? This is an important area in which you can gain competitive advantage. We offer policy and core workplace skills training.